System.One is a pre-seed venture capital fund. We’re based in Berlin, but have a global mindset and reach. Our purpose is to invest in exceptional founders who combine early technical ideas with a bold mission and major potential impact. Pre-seed simply means we’d like to get in first – product and tech risk are core to what we do, not a problem we seek to eliminate. To learn more about System.One take a look at this.

System.One is a single-GP fund, run by Max

Hello, I'm Max.

I started System.One because I want to help entrepreneurs advance and succeed in their obsessions. I draw on my experience and what I’ve learnt from some of the crazy-smart, passionate people I’ve met through working in Venture Capital, and other parts of my life. I run System.One as single-GP, in close collaboration with a network of people I value and trust. I’ve spent time at Earlybird, LEK, Goldman Sachs and Lazard and while Berlin is center of my world today, it was previously London, Madrid and Montreal. I believe the best partnerships form when you combine bold ambition and high expectations with empathy.